needle in a haystack

We offer a professional, efficient, and experienced service customized to the needs of each client. Tracking down infringements is costly, time-consuming and sometimes daunting, but our technology, scale, and expertise – and the fact that we only get paid when we recover revenues – makes us the perfect partner for copyright enforcement. By removing the up-front time and financial costs, we also enable our clients to concentrate on what they do best – creating the images that get people talking across America.

How we work:

  • Clients provide PPS with electronic access to their images, metadata, and proof of rights ownership
  • PPS’s sophisticated, proprietary process searches the online world to find, document, and evaluate infringements
  • Infringements are filtered so that only relevant, “actionable,” commercial infringers remain (e.g., no kids using images for their social media pages)
  • Clients then review and, where appropriate, approve the infringements to be pursued on their behalf by PPS
  • PPS passes proof of approved infringements to a recommended law firm, which specializes in copyright, to seek recovery of lost licensing revenues and restore content value to the rights owner
  • Both PPS and the law firm representing the rights holder only take a fee when successful settlements occur on approved infringements of PPS-tracked images