Real Pictures. Real Results.

To date, copyright enforcement campaigns administered by Picture Protection Service have recovered over $5 million dollars through over 500 settlements of infringement claims without a single jury trial.

The value of each case depends on many factors. The settlements have ranged from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars per case. Below are actual examples of just a few of the images for which PPS has successfully helped our clients enforce their copyrights. Continue scrolling down the page to read about some example cases.

Wake Turbulence

Over 650 Infringements Detected

Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr

Over $250,000 Total Gross Recoveries

Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger

Over $45,000 Total Gross Recoveries

kayaker whale

Over 500 Infringements Detected

tree hug

Over $25,000 Total Gross Recoveries

Tampa skyline

Over $10,000 Total Gross Recoveries

huge batch of apples

$2,800 Single Recovery

soldier on Wall Street on 9/11

Over $20,000 Total Gross Recoveries

oil refinery

Over 30 Infringements Detected

pregnant Halle Berry dancing

Over $13,000 Total Gross Recoveries

Examples of Individual Cases

Below are some examples of specific cases to help illustrate the kind of work we do. Confidentiality agreements prevent us from including the identities of alleged infringers.

Katharine McPhee kisses Michael Morris Katharine McPhee kisses her former "SMASH" director, Michael Morris, after a lunch date in Los Angeles.

Case: B2B Publisher Steals Steamy Subjects

Client Type: Celebrity News Agency
Context of Infringement: Online Marketing of Print Publications
Time to Resolution: 8 Months
Recovery: $25,000 for Single Infringement

Drew Barrymore sonogram Actress Drew Barrymore unintentionally announces to the world that she is pregnant by carrying her sonogram in her hand following a doctor visit.

Case: Systemic Stealing by Network of Websites

Client Type: Multiple Clients
Context of Infringement: Over 100 Pictures Infringed Across Many Websites Owned by Major Media Conglomerate
Time to Resolution: 5 Months
Recovery: Over $225,000 for Over 100 Infringements

tree hug A woman hugs a tree in a rainforest on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Case: Article Art is Undeniable Infringement

Client Type: Individual Photographer
Context of Infringement: Editorial Content With Adveritsing
Time to Resolution: 11 Months
Recovery: $17,000 for Single Infringement

Rihanna Diamonds music video Singer/actress Rihanna films a firey new music video for "Diamonds" in Los Angeles.

Case: TV Studio Pays More Than Expected to Attract Eyeballs

Client Type: Photo Agency
Context of Infringement: Talk Show Blog and Marketing Materials
Time to Resolution: 6 Months
Recovery: $65,000 for 20 Infringements

Eva Mendes Eva Mendes, wearing sunglasses, blue pants and shirt, is seen leaving a friend's house in Los Angeles.

Case: Fashion Faux Pas

Client Type: Photo Agency
Context of Infringement: Retail Sales - Fashion Industry
Time to Resolution: 4 Months
Recovery: $6,000 for 5 Infringements

Frieda Pinto Knight of Cups Freida Pinto films a romantic scene underneath the Santa Monica Pier for the movie 'Knight of Cups' that also stars Christian Bale.

Case: Product Advertising Gets Top Dollar

Client Type: Celebrity News Agency
Context of Infringement: Product Marketing - Fashion Industry
Time to Resolution: 5 Months
Recovery: $25,000 for Single Infringement